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PCS Integration

Have you already invested in your own website? If so you can now have your web developer integrate PCS and the new "Self-Managed" features into your site. This integration will inherit the theme of your existing website. PCSpro™ makes this possible.

We've extracted the main components of PCS so your web developer can embed them into your current website.

Before and After Branding

Additionally your web developer will have the control to change colors, fonts and even the look of the navigation. In a short amount of time and with a little creativity, your web developer can transform PCS and make it your own.

Once your web developer has completed the integration you can preview the "new look" and then activate this great new look for all of your existing (and future) PCS clients. Upon activation your existing (and future) clients will be able to access their PCS accounts through your website. This will drive more traffic to your personal website and leverage the investment you have already made in your web presence.

Self Managed Features

The "Self-Managed" features provide for anyone visiting your website to initiate their own PCS search. Once they have registered for PCS the visitor can then input their own search criteria. Once their search criteria has been saved their PCS website will come to life* - just as though you setup a traditional PCS website for them. This new "Self-Managed" site also provides the ability for the user to change their search criteria**. Whenever the search criteria is changed you (the REALTOR®) will be notified accordingly.

Self Managed Feature

* With some Board/Associations the REALTOR® must activate the new website. The REALTOR® will be automatically notified of requests for activation.

** With some Board/Associations the client cannot change their search criteria after the initial setup.

Self-Managed Feature

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