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Don't have a website? Get one here.

Is it time to get your personal website? Perhaps you don't want to invest in a lot of time and money to get one? PCSpro™ makes it easy. Choose from one of our professional templates and you can be up and running in no time.

PCSpro™ provides for the following:

  • Your website hosting services
  • Personalized web site address e.g. johnsmith.pcspro.com
  • Choose from a selection of professionally designed templates
  • Making content changes at your convenience
  • Integration of PCS
  • "Self-Managed"
  • Change your customized design "on the fly"
  • Free future enhancements

Self-Managed Features

The "Self-Managed" features provide for anyone visiting your website to initiate their own PCS search. Once they have registered for PCS the visitor can then input their own search criteria. Once their search criteria has been saved their PCS website will come to life* - just as though you setup a traditional PCS website for them. This new "Self-Managed" site also provides the ability for the user to change their search criteria. Whenever the search criteria is changed you (the REALTOR®) will be notified accordingly.

Self Managed Feature

* With some Board/Associations the REALTOR® must activate the new website. The REALTOR® will be automatically notified of requests for activation.

Self-Managed Feature

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